Elite Pro BR-10 White lace up. Premium Quality Real Leather Boxing Gloves


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Our Elite Pro boxing gloves are a must have for elite boxers. Genuine cowhide leather that moulds to the shape of your body. Hand-stitched quality, and a choice of two stunning colourways. 

But it’s not just the way they look, it’s the way they feel. The lace up closing system gives a secure fit that’s second to none. Premium foam padding will keep you comfortable without sacrificing swiftness or flexibility. And we’ll keep your wrists safe from injury with reinforced foam cuffs for advanced protection.

Life isn’t perfect but these Bravose Elite Pro gloves just might be.


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Great pair of gloves

These are the most comfortable gloves I’ve had yet, fit really well and are really durable
If you’re looking for a new pair of fighting gloves to look flashy and fight comfortably in or even just to spar and hit the bag, I would strongly recommend these!

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Best price-quality ratio probably in boxing

Excellent pair of gloves. They are the sixth or seventh I purchase so I know what I am talking about. The glove is designed extremely well, and the color is beautiful. Definitely worth the purchase especially at that price .

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