Rebellion White lace up Premium Quality Real Leather Boxing Gloves for pad work & sparring

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Get ready to start a revolution from the ring with the Bravose Rebellion boxing glove for pad work and sparring. 

These pristine white lace-up gloves are made from authentic premium leather with a custom inner lining designed for perfect comfort.

Pure protection comes from multi-layered padding, plus extra wrist and thumb restriction, while the sleek design guarantees power and speed.


  •       Authentic Premium Leather
  •       Multi-layered padding made from a mixture of foam and EVA for advanced protection.
  •       Restricted hinge movement around the wrist for resilient hand protection
  •       Leather thumb attachment for added protection by restricting thumb movement
  •       Designed to optimise speed, protection and performance
  •       Custom inner lining for comfort

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