Elite™ Premium Quality Real Leather Boxing Gloves and Pads

Elite™ Premium Quality Real Leather Boxing Gloves for Bag and Sparring View larger

Elite™ Premium Quality Real Leather Boxing Gloves and Pads

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Our Elite real leather boxing gloves come with a Bravose elite strap for added support, enabling you to put your best foot forward whilst training. The dual velcro strap makes this real leather boxing glove an elite boxer’s must have item, adding support and comfort for the best bag and sparring practise possible.

If you’re looking to up your training regime, and want a glove that can help improve your performance in the ring, then our Bravose
real leather boxing glove is the one for you. The comfortable and slick design makes this glove the perfect fit.

The added padding and comfortable inner lining of the glove doesn’t detract from the swift movement and flexibility of our real leather boxing gloves. The genuine cowhide leather means that your boxing gloves will mould to the shape of your body and allow you take your training up a notch.

  •       Bravose elite strap
  •       Dual Velcro strap, thread through and hook and loop.
  •       Multi layer hand-made mould for robust protection
  •       Extra thumb protection by restricting thumb movement
  •       Extended wrist strap for added support
  •       Comfortable inner glove lined with soft material.
  •       Advanced padding for wrist support
  •       Breathable mesh on inner glove
  •       Genuine CowHide leather

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Dimensions35x16x11 CM
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If you’re looking for the perfect equipment to help you with your combat and martial arts training, then our Elite Premium Quality Boxing Pads are for you. The curvature of these pads create a loud noise upon connection, letting you know that you’ve hit the target. This is a great way to know how well you’ve connected and will keep you motivated during your workout.


Our Elite premium quality focus mitts have a mesh layer that allows breathability whilst ensuring that the mitt remains hygienic whilst you train. The firm inner grim and added wrist support means that our Elite premium quality focus mitts will remain firmly placed as you punch them. The flexible and easily adjustable velcro strapping adds to the gloves flexibility and support.


If you’re looking for something lightweight, easily adjustable and versatile then you’ve found the focus mitt for you. Our Elite premium quality focus mitts are perfect for many different sports including Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Boxercise and many other martial arts.

 Boxing Pads

Boxing Pads