Armour™ Premium Quality Leather Boxing Gloves, Pads and Head Guard

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Armour™ Premium Quality Leather Boxing Gloves, Pads  and Head Guard

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Our Armour premium quality sparring gloves are designed to fit perfectly, giving you the comfort and durability that you want from a sparring glove. If you’re looking to up your training routine, and want a glove that can keep up, then our Armour premium quality sparring glove is for you.

With a hook and loop Velcro strap for added support, plus a multi layer handmade mould, our Armour
premium quality sparring glove will support you as you improve your performance in the ring. The Armour premium quality boxing glove is perfect for bag and sparring, and offers advanced padding for wrist support so that you don’t pick up any injuries during training.

  •       Hook and loop Velcro strap,
  •       Multi layer handmade mould for robust protection
  •       Extra thumb protection by restricting thumb movement
  •       Comfortable lined with soft material.
  •       Advanced padding for wrist support
  •       PU Synthetic leather

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Our Armour premium quality focus mitts are the perfect addition to any boxer’s kit list. Designed with curved impact optimisation, our focus mitts create a connection noise that lets you know when you’ve hit the target.


The Bravose Mitt has a mesh layer that allows breathability whilst ensuring that the mitt remains hygienic whilst you train. The firm inner grim and added wrist support means that our premium quality focus mitts will remain firmly placed as you punch them. The flexible and easily adjustable velcro strapping adds to the gloves flexibility and support.


Our premium quality focus mitts are designed to be lightweight and versatile - they’re also suitable for many different sports including Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Boxercise and many other martial arts.

A reliable and high quality head guard is a must for any boxer. The Bravose Armour premium quality head guard is ideal for those looking for a securely fitting head guard that offers support and protection to help avoid injury in training.


The light weight design ensures that there won’t be any added pressure on the neck which can cause neck strain. Instead, our premium quality head guards offer a wide visual range for improved accuracy and a friction grip on the inside which stops the head guard moving whilst on the head.


Our Armour head guard has easily adjustable Velcro straps which are fitted with premium foam to avoid damage to the head and neck whilst training.