Armour™ Premium Quality Leather Boxing Gloves and Open Face Head Guard

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Armour™ Premium Quality Leather Boxing Gloves and Open Face Head Guard

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Our Armour premium quality sparring gloves are designed to fit perfectly, giving you the comfort and durability that you want from a sparring glove. If you’re looking to up your training routine, and want a glove that can keep up, then our Armour premium quality sparring glove is for you.

With a hook and loop Velcro strap for added support, plus a multi layer handmade mould, our Armour
premium quality sparring glove will support you as you improve your performance in the ring. The Armour premium quality boxing glove is perfect for bag and sparring, and offers advanced padding for wrist support so that you don’t pick up any injuries during training.

  •       Hook and loop Velcro strap,
  •       Multi layer handmade mould for robust protection
  •       Extra thumb protection by restricting thumb movement
  •       Comfortable lined with soft material.
  •       Advanced padding for wrist support
  •       PU Synthetic leather

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Serious about improving your speed, power, hand-eye co-ordination and fitness? Then you need to get serious about head protection.

The Bravose Armour BR-201 Open Face Head Guard will give high-quality protection during sparring or fighting. 

Made from premium materials, the head guard has easily adjustable velcro straps for the perfect fit. The interior friction grip technology means the head guard won’t shift - so no obscured views, no distractions, and no injuries.

The increased visual range and ultra-lightweight design will keep you safe from unnecessary neck strain. And we’ve used our heads to protect yours, by choosing 2.5cm depth V-Impact shock-absorbent foam padding to protect the areas most at risk.